Smart Features of the Best Mobile Phone Unveiled in 2009

Oct 2, 2022 Uncategorized

Market is flooded with numerous colorful handsets of varied price ranges. Depending upon the categories of the services offered, handsets can be broadly delineated into three class ie., best, standard and average mobile phones. The best mobile phone is the phone resembling all the attributes of the ideal phone. Almost all the leading mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc. have unveiled some of the best mobile models in 2009.

Brief description of Best mobile phone categories unveiled in 2009 are given below:

Touch phone: The touch phone is the handset which includes touch screen of type AMOLED or TFT, camera phone, music phone, symbian phone, Window phone etc. Samsung has presented Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite on November, 2009. This marvelous handset consists of several advanced applications. The handset works on the quad band GSM as well as dual band 3G HSDPA networks. The gadget uses high speed Wi-Fi internet technology, which provides the high speed Internet browsing on the handset or phone with the aid of blue tooth or USB data cable.

Camera Phone: The camera phone consists of large 8 MP or 12 MP camera comprising numerous high class functions like auto focus, dual LED flash, high resolution picture or video recording etc. One of the handset under this category is nokia N86. This handset supports Quad band GSM and dual band 3G HSDPA technologies. The key elements of this gadget are 16 million colors AMOLED display screen sizing inches, Class 32 GPRS and EGPRS functions, Symbian Operating system, ring tones(Polyphonic and MP3), 434 MHz. Processor, digital compass etc. The 1200 mAh battery included in the widget has the standby time of 312 hours and talk time of 378 minutes under any GSM network.

Music phone: The music phone carries advanced multimedia players (both audio and video) supportive of numerous music formats ie., MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMV, MP4, WMA, H.263, H.264 etc. Apart from these functions, this category handsets also carries advanced FM radio capable of producing stereo outputs. Some music phone also entails the FM recording function. The latest smart phone under this category is LG KS660. The widget carries advanced features like class 12 GPRS and EDGE Internet applications with added on buttons like Blue tooth and USB 2.0.

However, the definitions of Best mobile phone is not corroborated with the views of handset users. Some people prefers the camera functions more than the other applications like Internet and touch screen like that of iPods. While many individuals wants longer battery backup for satisfying their long music thirsts with the handsets. While professionals, who frequently require the downloading or uploading of files for their work likes the advanced Internet tools in the widget. The average handset users always prefers cheaper handsets with average tools like SMS, phone book, call records & ordinary battery etc. Some people prefers computer based functions on the widgets like Windows, Symbian and Android operating systems, Pocket office viewer, Opera, Internet explorer web browsers etc.

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